Always Classy

I had only one student registered today for my bookkeeping class, but I think I helped her with her bookkeeping questions.  I will do it the class again focusing more or Web 2.0 financial/invoicing applications like Billing Orchard, Blinksale and Wesabe.  I also figured out a actual purpose for Google Page Creator.  It is pretty good for presentations, so I may never use Powerpoint again.

A cool small business/freelance related website: Acuity Scheduling is an online scheduling applications which is good for professional who schedule appointment like personal trainers, massage therapists, etc.


3 thoughts on “Always Classy

  1. Have you seen FreshBooks? I’m more than a little biased in that I’m a founder of the company, but we’d certainly be honoured if you’d have a look at it and consider it alongside Billing Orchard and Blinksale…we have a lot of clients that have moved from those two products to ours for what it’s worth.

  2. Nichelle – also, given your interest in numbers, I thought this might be of interest:

    It’s a business benchmarking service we are just about to release and I’m guessing it might capture your imagination.

    This might be of interest too…our approach to the design of accounting software:


    – Mike

  3. Man, talk about a hard-sell from the freshbooks guys. Doesn’t their founder have anything better to do? Makes you wonder.

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