Why Getting Published Can Help You Network

I love this article on Entrepreneur by Ivan Mizner because I believe that being published can help you market yourself as an expert and it so important for networking. Below is an excerpt…

Networking is all about relationships. Relationships are all about establishing credibility. And credibility takes time. What I needed to do was to expedite that process while still creating genuine credibility with others. Not having much of a budget, I had to get creative about how I could make this happen.

I decided that if I wanted to increase my visibility and enhance my credibility in the community, I needed to be viewed as the local expert. The way I decided to start creating my brand was by writing articles. Now, you may say, “What’s so special about that idea? I’ve heard people suggest it before.” Well, the bottom line is, hearing it and doing it are very different things.

Ivan Mizner’s book is Masters of Success and you can find it at www.MastersofSuccess.biz